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Centralize candidate & CV data - retrieve applications via Umanga Connect

  • Umanga Application API for website and external platforms
  • IndeedApply API
  • Monsterboard application API
  • Quick Apply API 
  • application API
  • Facebook / Instagram lead ads API
  • VDAB CV API (Belgium)
  • fully integrated CV extraction via Textkernel Extract API 

Cegid Talentsoft user?  Learn more about Umanga Connect

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Handle applications and application flow

Handle new applications directly from your personal dashboard. Candidate recognition based on historical data, including connected Pratoflex, Easyflex or Paydia data. Instant commuter traffic information, by own transport and public transport. Respond fast and easy to your leads and applicants by using e-mail templates.  

Matching & automated matching

Extended manual matching functionality (search boxes and filters), to be personalized by each consultant and for each vacancy.

  • Automated matching for each new or updated vacancy.
  • Find suitable candidates even before they find you.
  • Fully integrated Textkernel Search & Match API.


Send all relevant candidate data to your backoffice software and wage engine database. Plug-and-play API connections for Pratoflex, Easyflex and Paydia.

Using other backoffice software? Use Umanga Candidate API to retrieve the data or feel free to inform about custom API integrations.

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Umanga uses Textkernel Jobfeed big data to be able to find external jobs for any candidate. Take your acquisition to the next level by directly connecting a suitable candidate to the right external job. Or get a clear picture of competing jobs based on your vacancy specs.

Get more commercial insights - nearly realtime - about the labour market in your country, region and city. Combine data sets as you wish and see what your colleagues and competitors are up to.