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Full features & functionalities overview.

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Personal dashboard 

  • Quicksearch
  • Notifications
  • Quickmenu
  • My profile
  • Quickpanel: to-do's, favourites, birthdays
  • New applications
  • Call-back list
  • Expiring vacancies
  • Vacancy check 
  • Stats:
    • Inflow by weekday
    • inflow by source
    • inflow by location
    • inflow by user


  • Customer management
  • Contact management 
  • Location management
  • Message module
  • Status management and notes
  • Customer vacancies list 


Vacancy management

  • Management of vacancies, metadata and website filters
  • Management via backoffice software (Easyflex, Pratoflex), sync. via API (plug & play)
  • XML feed IndeedApply
  • XML feed
  • XML feed Google for Jobs
  • XML feed custom website
  • XML feed Textkernel Extract and Search & Match
  • Custom XML feeds
  • Matching directly and automatically via Umanga Matchpoint
  • Status management and notes
  • Access to competing external vacancies via Jobfeed


Candidate Database

Umanga ATS - Inflow
  • Inflow via website (Umanga post-application API)
  • Inflow via Indeed with IndeedApply
  • Inflow via with Quick Apply
  • Inflow via Facebook job campaigns and lead forms
  • Inflow via Google for Jobs
  • Info via VDAB (Belgium)
  • Messaging module
  • Status management and notes
  • Automatic external vacancy search via Jobfeed
  • Synchronization via Umanga backoffice API (Easyflex, Pratoflex, Paydia)


Application handling & candidate communication

  • Identifying / matching of historic applications and candidate data with new applications
  • Identifying / matching of backoffice data with new applications
  • Direct score determination of specific vacancy match
  • Automatic indexing of Umanga Matchpoint
  • Automatic resume extract
  • Matching directly and automatically via Umanga Matchpoint
  • Direct access to  commuting data based on own transportation and public transportation
  • Message module
  • Status management and notes



  • Umanga Matchpoint - fullTextkernel Search & Match API integration
  • Matching automatically and directly on new vacancies
  • Matching manually based on vacancy, filters and custom search
  • Personalised searches and filters
  • Integrated matching on current VDAB candidate database
  • Status management and notes



  • Job search – searching more than 1.000.000 external vacancies (Netherlands)
  • Job search – searching more than  450.000 externe vacancies (Belgium)
  • Job search – directly from candidate resume
  • Job search – directly from vacancy data
  • Job market data – searching, grouping and combining job market data
    • Intermediairies
    • Location (region subregion, town)
    • Profession class
    • Contract type
    • Employment
    • Working hours
    • Educational level


Umanga ATS - Jobfeed


  • User management and user groups
  • Office management
  • Translation module multilingual Umanga
  • Settings
  • Logging

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